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You forget scarves

Ecouter la chanson

You forget scarves

I forget umbrellas

It seems we don’t need protection

Our love is enough, our love is enough

To defy bad weather and rain

I drop my life jacket

No more need for a safety net

I take a run-up and dive into life

Water is so balmy with you swimming by my side


You forget birthdays

But each day is a gift

I guess I don’t have to complain

You always repeat, you always repeat

You should train the muscle of your brain

I drop my flak jacket

I won’t die for some clumsiness

I dry my tears, slip into your arms

How could I be angry while you make me want to smile?


You ride and run

I sing and lie in the sun

So happy our yin and yang

A bubbly first sight, a bubbly first sight

Isn’t that a pretty good start?

I drop my old blankets

May each day open wider my chest

I take a deep breath and walk into life

Scenery is so coloured with you strolling by my side


You forget your scarf and tell me I should

Follow it so I could find you at its end for sure


Tu oublies tes foulards

J’oublie mes parapluies

Au diable les intempéries

Notre amour suffit, notre amour suffit

Pour braver les orages de la vie...



                                                                  © S. Palazzo - 2013

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